8th March 2016

Evening everyone, as you all know I am a diabetes educator in Cairns, with Holistic Health Services, and Far North Queensland with Diabetes And Health Solutions. One of the reasons I decided to do this blog was to help inspire my patients who have diabetes in knowing that it is possible to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and lose weight. So many of my patients also struggle with trying to lose weight. Today I had a great day, helping clients self manage their diabetes here in Cairns and tomorrow I’m off to Ravenshoe & Mt Garnet. I woke up after doing my 2 day cleanse feeling fantastic, and down another kilo. Getting very excited to do my measurements on 10th March. No boot camp for me this week, which is a bit disappointing but I’ve been exercising in the pool every day, and whilst I’m away I’ll be doing some walking. Below is a picture of my dinner tonight. If you’d like the recipe send me a message and I’d gladly send it to you. Just remember YOU CAN DO IT!




Hardest Day so far

Well today has to be the hardest day so far since I started my nutritional cleansing program 57 days ago. I was on Day 2 of my double cleanse, and was in Tully. I didn’t have to drive today, so don’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing, now that I think about it. Perhaps the driving may have distracted me a bit more. Anyway the morning went ok, few tummy rumblings but nothing I wasn’t used to having on a cleanse day. So at lunch time (3pm), I went into the lunch room to have my cleansing tea (which I love) and there on the table was chocolate biscuits (opened) and pikelets. Now I don’t normally have a sweet tooth but I think today because I was feeling hungrier than normal and was late having my tea, it did look tempting. But I was strong and didn’t have any. So I got through my first test of will power. On the way home I had my replenish drink and my snacks that I’m allowed to have. On the way home I got a text from my darling to say he is having pizza for dinner, well I thought that is really going to test me. I was hoping by the time I got home he would be finished the pizza and wouldn’t have to face my demon. Oh no, I got home he was still at boot camp, so I decided to get in the pool and do some exercise, as I hadn’t done many steps today. I was in the pool for about 40 mins when he came home just as I got out. The smell of that pizza almost made me crazy, so I paced around made a mineral water and tried not to look at him until the pizza was all gone. Now my darling has also been eating healthy along with me, and as soon as he started to have a few pieces, he said he didn’t feel so good, so that made me feel much better for being the strong person I AM and resisting the temptation of having even 1 piece. My learning for today. I CAN DO THIS!! I AM DOING THIS!!!

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Day 57

Day 57, into my second day of #cleansingforlife and I’m at the half way mark of my goal weight loss, so happy, 3 more days and get to do measurements again. If anyone out there knows me and how I’ve struggled to lose weight. This is proof that what I’m doing is working for me and can work for you too. #lovinglife #ontheroadagain #goalweightinsight weight-loss

Sunday = Rest Day

Well had a well deserved rest day today. No exercise, not worried about my step count. Time to rest and recoup for my busy week next week. Lot’s of travelling next week and staying overnight. Had a great day today, got help some more friends get their health on track and start them on the journey to #nutritionalcleansing #healthierthem. Makes what I do so rewarding can’t wait to see the results they achieve.


Day 55

Hi all, sorry have been offline few a few days it’s been a bit hectic. Things are still going really well. Feeling a bit tired today, but still managed to do a 2.5km walk and then aqua aerobics this morning with my bestie. We keep each other motivated. I’m really going to get stricter on my healthy eating so I can a few more kilo’s before I go to the Gold Coast. I’m down 9kg already and feeling fabulous. This week I went out to Yarrabah for the first time, what a beautiful drive and lovely people I met out there, look forward to going out there again in a couple of months. 20160303_135105 20160303_135657



Day 54 :(

Well woke up feeling a bit meh today. After the great weekend in Townsville, I woke up wondering what the hell am I doing, I can’t manage 2 businesses and do all this other stuff too. But if I don’t do it, I won’t be able to afford to continue on my Healthier Me! journey. So at lunch time yesterday I picked myself up, went for a walk in the stifling heat in Tully, and came back with a new goal. In January this was all about me and my journey to 50. So I am getting rid of my distractions and focussing on me again, if the other stuff falls into place then it was meant to be, but no more stressing about it.



Down Day #1

Well apart from still feeling physically very good, on Friday I had my first day of “cravings” since I started my #16weekbodychallenge. It was fairly hectic on Friday, had staff training, air-conditioners being put in, and had to pack to get ready to go to Townsville. Was late having lunch and had that thought run through my head, “I could just get a burger and fries”, but I didn’t I waited till I got home, had my healthy meal instead and felt much better for it. We had a great weekend in Townsville at Super Saturday, met lot’s of nice people and gained some good information. In saying that I also came home with a lot of “noise” in my head, and now I’m thinking can I really do this? I know I want to, but the job seems so mammoth and bigger than me. So not sure what my next step is, but I’m not going to give up, and hopefully I’ll reap the rewards of my perseverance, one step at a time.


Friday on my mind

Hi all, haven’t written for a couple of days, things still going along very nicely. I challenged my facebook friends to do 10,000 steps EVERYDAY, and so far I have done 8 days in a row. I used to just be happy with whatever steps I did each day, but now I strive to push myself further and further. I’m on day 48 of my #16weekbodychallenge and feeling fantastic, haven’t weighed or measured again, that won’t be until day 60. I just want to say how fantastic and encouraging it is to have the support of everyone around me, sure it’s a little daunting posting all my stats and pictures but it’s also freeing, as in everyone is on this journey with me. I’m excited today because we are heading to Townsville to an event to talk to others who are also on their own health journey’s. I’ll miss my usual Friday night walk on the Esplanade and Saturday morning aqua with my awesome friend Leisa, but we’ll be back at it next week. Have an awesome day everyone #10000steps #challengeyourself #HealthierMe!


2193256 better health

Day 46

So yesterday I set a challenge to my friends on Facebook, those who had a Fit Bit I challenged them to do 10,000 steps EVERYDAY, and we had to post our results at the end of each day. I smashed it,12,000 steps 108 active minutes. Have also lost another kilo, so feeling pretty bloody fantastic, well on my way to my 20kg goal. Went out for dinner tonight with my partner and a lovely friend, had a nice dinner, maybe a few too many Carbs but that’s ok, a little indulgence now and then keeps us human. #16weekbodychallenge





#justme #feelinggreat

Motivational Monday

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